Slow and Steady to Rock Solid gaming - Advice please

Dear Experts,

I have an old system which I want to upgrade now. But, I just cant go out and blast 1000 $ or something, I need to do it gradually, please tell me the order which I should do it. By the way, I have already got a couple of puzzle pieces to fit in. ;)

*** Not a hardcore super freak gamer, just want decent fps (60+) and will NEVER overclock (that is not my cup of tea) ***

Intel I3 540 --> Current ------- Thinking of getting Intel I5 4670

Ram: 1333 Mhz DDR3 - Corsair 4gb x1 -------- Thinking of getting another 1 set of the same or shall i go with 2x 1666 MHZ ??

Gigabyte H55 --> Current --------- Thinking of getting ASRock Z87 Extreme4 Motherboard

Zotac 760 AMP Edition --> Brand new and super excited

Corsair VS650W --> Brand new but not so sure about it, I think i made a mistake here, it will not be sufficient for future upgrades :pfff: :pfff:

Computer Case --> Current Some low grade compact, Need to upgrade to fit my future build --- What it should be ?? ---- Please help me choose from below link as this is where I am living

Please let me know the order which I should follow ....

thank you all, you are doing a fabulous job helping fellows like me
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  1. The power supply is fine and you really won't see a difference in RAM speeds while gaming. As for the motherboard, get something with the B85 chipset (Z87 boards costs so much because they're made for heavy overclocking).

    With the case, the important thing is that it can fit your budget and you like the way it looks. As long as it has a few fans in it and can take you GPU, you really won't see the difference.
  2. as above, you're not getting an overclockable CPU, so no point in a Z87 mobo designed for overclocking the CPU, unless you are thinking about SLI or crossfire, in which case Z87 is needed, but I'm guessing you're not, so cheap and cheerful mobo is ok. If you can sell your 1333 memory for a reasonable amount it might be best to get a matching pair of 1600 RAM. You could end up spending more to find a matching 1333 RAM stick.
  3. Great it gives me some idea now...
    I did a quick search and found out about B85 -- This is what i got ?|8

    Can you please tell me which one is the best among them ??

    Yes I will not be doing SLI --- But I need a future proof board this time, with SLI facility !! so that down the line i can do that, but no overclocking.

    *Update* _ I just saw that it is Mini ATX form factor, I am thinking of getting ATX form factor. Isnt it good to have ATX for factor, can u suggest me some ATX boards please
  4. SLI boards are generally a bit more expensive and rare than crossfire only boards as they have to be licensed so you need to specifically check for SLI support. In that case you do need Z87 as it's the only one which gives you 2 x PCIe 3.0 slots @ 8x. The lower boards (eg. B85) have the 2nd slot at PCIe 2.0 4x.

    see specs here;

    I found that PCIe 2.0 4x does impact on GPU performance.

    Yes, my first screw up was to get uATX as initially I only had 1 GPU. They I went crossfire and.....bugger there was no spare slot between the GPUs meaning they were almost touching!
  5. Best answer
    I think I get your point.
    Right now I am not planning but in future if i look at Nvidia SLI, then I think I should go for Z87 -- This is the cheapest Z87 I can get... Is this ok ??
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