GPU Problem Screen goes black after Startup?!?!

I had a dead harddrive recently so just got the RMA back and tried to reinstall everything. Windows 7 32bit installed fine, got all my drivers and programs installed and the computer was running beautifully for a whole day.

Then today (I'd left it on copying backup files) I came home to find the screen black, but computer still on. Waved the mouse and punched some keys, but no response the display remained as no DVI Output. Restarted the computer and the screen lit up with BIOS, then Loading OS, then Login screen. Several seconds after logging in the screen would go black and there would be no DVI output again.

I booted into safe mode, updated the driver and now it's worse. It'll load the BIOS and 'Starting Windows" screens but after that it's just black but the computer is still running. What can I do I'm out of ideas!!
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  1. Try just clearing the bios and pushing down the ram and power cables to make sure they are all seated properly
  2. It`s possible that your video card has gone bad if your using an add on video graphics card and not the one built into the motherboard that`s what happend to me my installed video graphics card went bad it would work then go blank so check yor graphics card by connecting to your video built into you motherboard if your screen stays on then your card is history
  3. I did a system restore to before I installed any Nvidia Drivers, computer would boot fine but into a low res version of windows so I'm assuming thats using onboard graphics. Then after install Nvidia Driver the problem came back. Is there a problem with my GPU or the driver?
  4. just try doing what I said first. sometimes when you install new things you can bump stuff by mistake. sometimes when you install a new hard drive I've noticed bios sometimes will change stuff on their own.
  5. Ok I'll give that a go. At the moment just testing it without the GPU, I've taken out the GPU (monitor plugged into mobo)and everything works fine the computer starts up and logs in (not the low res version). So with the GPU it boots into low res windows (looks like safe mode) but after installing drivers I get the black screen. Without the GPU it boots normally and looks normal
  6. what power supply do you have? it could be a power delivery issue. Without the drivers the video card is almost like a dead weight that just sits there and pretty much idles but with the drivers it does put some load onto the card which could cause your problem
  7. 650W PSU, running GTX 560 Ti. Computers been running for several years without issues I'd hope it's not a PSU problem?!
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    For anyone else who has a similar problem this worked for me:

    Try these steps:
    1. Turn off the computer and unplug
    2. Remove Graphic card
    3. Plug the monitor to your video output
    4. Turn on the computer
    5. Click on start and type msconfig
    6. Select the Boot tab and click on the box that says Safe boot with minimal selected.
    7. Apply then click ok.
    9. Shut Down computer and unplug
    10. Install Graphic card
    11. Turn on the computer (should boot into safe mode)
    12. Go into Device Manager
    13. Expand Display Adapter
    14. Disable the Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 driver. (DO NOT UNINSTALL)
    15. Click the start button and type msconfig
    16. Unclick Safe boot
    17. Restart
  9. Did the nvidia link help at all?
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