FN-200RB on top of NZXT PHANTOM 530 - Fan next to USB/3.5mm jack front panel won't fit correctly.

Got my NZXT PHANTOM 530 and all those fan slots filled, but when I tried to fit the fan on top of the case, next to the front panel (USB 3.0/3.5mm jack) one of the fan support for attaching would hit the panel unabling me to install it properly if I unscrew the panel the fan will fit correctly but if I leave panel alone then I'll be able use only 1 screw to attach the fan the thus leaving sort of misplaced or loose.

Any tips?
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  1. Well some you may say that is not a smart solution but still it is a fix since I couldn't find any other nzxt 200mm fan here where I live not at least at the time I was purchasing it so I had to stick with that one, the work around was sandpapering area which was hitting the panel, that enabled me to reduce the area of contact and still keeping the screw support.
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