MSI R7850 2GB TWIN FROZR OC Edition vs Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB OC Edition?

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  1. The MSI - but not by much.
  2. I think i read somewhere that this model by gigabyte provides better cooling and Oceing isnt that true?
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    They are both the same quality and will match each other in performance. Buy the cheapest one.
  4. I have both of them. The reason why I asked the question, cuz now i am thinking of selling them off just unsure how much I should sell them for.
    I had bought the Gigabyte card last year somewhere in april and the msi one I got it as a replacement for my old 6950 this past month.
  5. If you're selling them on eBay have a lokk and see how much similar cards are selling for. Then you can work out how much you should be able to sell them for. They aren't that old so you should be able to look at selling them for rough 2/3 the price you paid for them.
  6. Thanks for the info
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