Battlefield 4 with Sapphire 7770 HD problem

Hey guys..i recently installed Battlefield 4. But its damn the sense fom the moment the game starts, it runs like my graphics card doesnt support at all. It keeps hanging and there is so much of lagging. Have installed the latest drivers too.

Here's my specs:
Pretty basic one. 2 Gb Transcend 667 mhz, Ram, 1tb harddisk, Sapphire 7770 HD 1gb with Corsair 550 W power supply, Intel Core 2 Duo, DG41RQ motherboard, WIndows 7 ultimate with x64.

Really want to play this game badly. please help out.
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  1. Looks like you're already playing this game badly - lol. Try putting the game on minimum settings.
  2. You simply can't run BF4 with 2 GB of RAM. Your processor isn't that great either...
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    Your graphics card is fine but your RAM and processor are the problems. BF4 requires a Core2Duo E6600 and 4GB RAM at the least. Whilst your processor may meet the minimum requirement depending on which specific one you have, your RAM does not.

    Upgrade the RAM to 4GB and run the game on low settings. If it still lags then you'll probably need to upgrade the processor (and possibly the motherboard).
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