I wana find out wich hardware make my gameplay experience bad:D low fps

Hello guys

I have buy recently a pc, I build it by myself, I was trying to do it on low budget so that what I have:

Motherboard: Asus F2a85-V, socket Fm2,Amd A85X, Dual 4xDDR3-2400 ...
Processor : Amd A-SERIES x4 A10-6800K 4.1-4.4Ghz,4mb L2
HDD: 1 TB seagate, 7200 RPM , 64MB,SATA3 (6GBPS)
poor ram : Transcend jetram 4G DDR3-1600 ( I will upgrade it soon if that will need)
GPU : Asus R9270-DC2OC-2GD5 (spec link

21,5 monitor , The resolution is 1920 1080

So, I recently was playing diablo III, on maximum settings, but a think what I saw, when a lot of players play and many effects at time, I see a lower fps.

And in World of tanks. At maximum settings I can get 24 fps sometimes . I don't understand what is the problem, is that CPU ?

Thank you all for help!
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    May I ask what resolution you are playing the games at.
    To be honest a R9 270 card giving 24fps is a bit poor.

    The Cpu is quiet strong at a A10-6800k.

    So something is wrong.

    Have a check in The Amd CCC.
    You have an option of hybrid crossfire.
    If so enable it.
  2. 21,5 monitor , The resolution is 1920 1080
  3. I have enabled crossfiere it seems to be better now, more fps lower is 32 fps in World of tanks. Average is 32-80. But , when I enable it in bios, I put Frame bufer Size 1Gb, should I put it 2GB? becouse ram on asus is 2Gb? or I am wrong?
  4. I think I have a problem... my Cpu go to 74,( it's the maximum temperature that it support.... should I buy another cooling system, he have stock system. Please help me
  5. Yes, I would buy an aftermarket cooler. A coolermaster hyper TX3 is a decent budget cooler and far better than stock. A T4 is another that would work. Both use the stock AMD mounting system on the motherboard, so you will not have to remove your motherboard to install. Just be aware of the CPU cooler height your case can support.
  6. thanks
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