can't connect sniper 3 with provided wireless card

I installed my wifi card today that came with my gigabyte sniper 3 mobo to connect my wifi xoom tablet. The tablet is asking for password and there was no password setup option when I installed the cards drivers.
I can't figure out how to access the card to set a password.
Please help.
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  1. You are trying to connect a table to a PC via wireless without using a router ?

    You are in for a lot of work. You either need to set your PC to run as a AP (ie pretend it is a router) or run in what is called ad-hoc mode. Many tablets are a huge pain to get to run in ad-hoc mode.

    I am going to suspect you have a wireless router already so you are best off connecting to that and access the pc via its ip address.
  2. I thought the wifi / Bluetooth card that came with the mobo was all I needed.
    The tablet detects the signal I just don't know the password or how to make one in win 7
  3. The card did come with antennas.
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    bluetooth you might get to work but it is not done with a password so I have no clue what you are looking at. WiFi the PC does not transmit anything it like your tablet tries to find a router.

    What you want to do is actually fairly advanced. There are instructions on how to make a ad-hoc network on microsofts site that you need to go and read if you want to do that.
  5. I'm just gonna buy a router.
    thanks for your help
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