USB-to-SATA3 cable compatible with Samsung 840EVO SSD

I recently bought a 500GB 840EVO SSD, but I inadvertently bought the disk only, not the desktop upgrade kit that includes the USB-to-SATA cable. After reading reports of various cables, I bought a plain generic cable (not an enclosure) which did not work and then replaced it with a different cable, which also did not work. Windows can see the disk just fine, but the Samsung migration software seems unable to detect the drive as a genuine Samsung drive. It seems that this issue is common, but I have not find any list of cables that will work. Has anyone who has had this problem found a cable that works with the cloning software?

If not, does anyone have any idea where I could find someone selling their original Samsung cable or the upgrade kit alone? I didn't find it in Samsung's website. Looking through Amazon reviews it seems most of the cables listed have this same problem, so I'm not sure how to proceed. I can't return the drive or exchange it for the upgrade kit, otherwise I would have by now.
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  1. You can try to find that cable in ebay too.

    Whatever you use the other cable for either cloning or external hard drives, even the migration software does not recognize it as Samsung drive but it is the SSD drive. You can still use it as the SSD, if you do the cloning then it will be the Samsung SSD again after you connect it into the computer when you done the cloning. Also you can use other software for the cloning too if the migration software does not work, like:
    EaseUS Todo Backup Free
    If you have the WD HDD
    Seagate HDD
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    I think your queries will be answered by this thread :

    Hope that helps.
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    Here is an alternative idea that should work, and best of all, it is free. Open up your computer and look for a free SATA power connecter. Attach that to your new SSD. Then connect a SATA data cable from a free SATA port on your motherboard to your new SSD. Now you should be able to start your computer and your new SSD will be recognized and the Samsung Migration software will also work. In the unlikely event that you don't have a free SATA power connecter or SATA data port, just temporarily disconnect one of your hard drives or DVD drives and use the cables from that. Eventually I assume you will be permanently mounting that SSD inside your computer, so you are going to have to have permanent SATA power and data connections to that SSD.
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