Connecting gpu and monitor with vga to hdmi adapter/cabel vs vga to dvi ?

Ok, since I'm getting new gpu I would also like to connect my monitor with HDMI cabel, but I only have 1 vga connector on my monitor. So next thing I would like to know is that, can I even connect my gtx 770 HDMI to monitor with VGA with this cabel . Next thing I wanted to ask if I even connect my gpu and monitor with that cabel, will I see better quality over connecting my gpu and monitor with vga to dvi cabel ? Just as a reminder I don't need sound for my monitor from HDMI, I just need picture.
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    A HDMI to VGA cable is often fake and wont work.

    HDMI is a digital signal, and VGA is analogue. In order for such a cable to work there needs to be an active converter (digital to analogue).

    Your DVI to VGA cable should work perfectly, DVI can be Analogue or Digital. DVI-D for Digital, DVI-A for Analogue and DVI-I for both. Check to make sure your new card has either DVI-A or DVI-I.

    You should know that eventually you might want to get a monitor with a digital input. When I switched my connector from analogue to digital I noticed an immediate improvement in the picture quality.
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