HUGE FPS DROPS In-Game - On Lowest Possible Settings, 720p and with Config Files

So I've been having this Game Breaking experience lately where I keep getting HUGE FPS Drops even on the lowest possible settings on 720p and with config files included in the directory and I'm still getting these insane FPS Drops with my setup.

- I've done some possible solutions like installing the DirectX from within the BF4 Directory

- I've also adjusted the settings on Nvidia Control Panel and set the Power Management on 'Maximum Performance'

- I don't know what it could be, could it be Audio related? GPU related? RAM related?

All I know is I'm getting average 60FPS; which I should be getting (I capped it on 60 through config file) but the average is getting demolished by these Drops.

System Specs:

(LAPTOP) Clevo W170ER

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3610QM CPU @2.30GHz
RAM: 4.00GB Kingston 1600MHz
OS: Microsoft Windows 8.1
NVIDIA Driver: 337.50 (BETA)

Yes, I can see that this is Low End Spec and so please no suggestions on upgrading. I just want to know whether there are any other solutions other than upgrading especially that I'm playing thee lowest settings and a lower resolution.

It would be great if someone had any solutions or suggestions
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  1. "capped it on 60fps in the config file" might be the problem. Does that mean you turned on v-sync? If you can't reach 60 FPS with V-sync turned on then the FPS is halved I think.

    But you also only have 4GB RAM. 8Gb is recommended for gaming.

    Your GFX card is a m-version of a GT 650. It's not a high-end GFX card. And Bf4 is a high-end game. Oh and it only has 1GB om Vram. That could be a bottleneck.

    BF4 system requirements.

    I think the "minimum requirements" are for playing the single-player campaign. Multiplayer is more load on the CPU.
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    The CPu Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3610QM, is slower than an i3-4130. in singlethreaded performance. The i7 runs at 2.3 Ghz, the i3 at 3,4 Ghz. But the i7 performs better in scenarios where multiple threads are running. In some places in games it might be the case that the more cores on the i7 can't be utilized. Then it will perform slower then the i3. The reason i'm comparing to the i3 is that I just bought one. Haven't tested it on Bf4 yet. But reviews say it is barely adequate for Bf4. So the FPS drops you see could be caused by situations in online play where a lot of things are happening at which case your CPU might be a bottleneck.

    If the FPS drop is caused by a CPU bottleneck, then lowering graphics quality settings will not change this.

    Perhaps Nvidida can come out with further tweaked drivers in the future. Perhaps Origin will tweak the game and release an update that will reduce the LAG you're seeing.
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