will this be enough for heavy gaming and video rendering?

Processor : Intel Core i7 4770
Mainboard: ASRock B85 KILLER
Hardisk : seagata 1TB sata3
Memory (Ram) : Team Elite DDR3 PC12800 1600Mhz Dual Channel 8GB (2X4GB)
DVD : RW 22X
Graphic (VGA) : geforce gtx 770
Casing : Cooler Master K282 GAMING CHASSIS SIDE WINDOW
power supply: 550w superflower
ssd: Samsung SSD 840 EVO 120GB

not planning to over clock (since i dont know what it is, how to do it, and i heard it can damage the components)
the games i will be playing are battlefield 4, bunch of new games from steam too, and a few dayz and rust. a little game like amnesia too, just for nostalgia lol

i'll be playing while recording, and then editing through vegas pro, and then uploading it to youtube.
while waiting for it to be done (the upload to youtube), i will be running photoshop to make thumbnails for youtube, ORRR maybe play some more while recording again

hahaha i dont know if this will be enough, so i need your help guys!what do you think? thank you!
btw, loving the forum here. so helpful
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  1. That is a good setup for 1080P gaming, the GTX770 should be able to max out almost everything at that resolution.
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    You should be just fine at running high settings @1080p/1200p & with a 700 series GTX you'll have tons of fun with shadowplay or even game streaming if you own a shield :] BF4 will run great and so will Titanfall if you wish to try it out some time, anything else from that will run like cake!
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