Mobo SYS_Fan Issue/CPU temperature

Hello all, back again for another question. I realized I done something extremely dumb. I went to plug in my 3 pin fan wire into the SYS_FAN motherboard section. Not realizing I had the wrong wire I plugged it in and my computer completely shut off.

After 10 minutes and switching the PSU off/on it came on, everything seems to be functional but now there is no response when I plug in my fan to the mobo.

I currently have a Coolmaster hyper 212 EVO heatsink and a rear exhaust fan but absolutely no intake fans on. My computer is also elevated with good space for air flow. My question is, do I need the intake fans? Here are my CPU/GPU in IDLE temperatures. I'm also wondering if there is any components I should be worried about overheating if I dont have any intake fans. Thanks (AMD 8-Core 8320)
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  1. You don't have to add the intake fan.

    What fan do you talk about? And what MB do you have? If you have the 760 chipset MB you need watch out the MB temp too but it is hard to monitor.
  2. I'm talking about my side case intake fan, there is also an intake fan unplugged that is mounted in the front of my computer case but I choose to keep that off because it spins at max and it sounds like a jet engine is taking off.

    My question was should I at least have a side case intake fan considering I don't use my front one? But my temperatures seem fine all around with my Coolmaster heatsink + rear exhaust?

    Also my Mobo is: GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-USB3

    Another thing is to whenever I put my finger on both my north and south bridges of my mobo they are hot to the touch, is this normal or no?
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    You can use the side fan if you don't like the front one, because the side fan only cools down the GPU.

    You should feel the very hot because the MB has only 4+1 power phase ( VRMs), that MB does not seem to be designed for the fx 8 series cpu even the company say it is compatible with the cpu, because that it is very tricky during you play the games the MB will heat up a lot then the PC may not run stable ( it may be fine too ), but I recommend to put the small fans on the VRM section to cool it down if your PC have proble for the heat. Check the link.
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