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Hi there, I have been having huge issues with my internet recently. I play league of legends and every minute or so I get huge high latency spikes. It also occurs when I am not doing anything at all. I am using a Ralink 802.11n usb adapter. No other device gets these spikes, only my computer. Here are some examples of them.
And when it lags, the 144mbps which is shown for speed here:

goes down to about 30. The drivers are all up to date so I have no idea. Any help would be great. Don't know whether buying a PCIE wireless card would solve this issue or whether.
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  1. There could be something wrong with your Router. Ask for a replacement at your place of purchase. If you rent it as part of your internet connection, then contact them and ask for replacement.

    There may be some kind of disturbance from something to do with it being wireless. Something disturbing the signal.
  2. I had not posted on this because I was not sure I could offer much. The above post though changes that. It likely is not your router since you say other devices work fine. The second point though likely is correct but finding the mystery interference is always quite a challenge so most time I do not post that answer hoping someone has a better idea.

    Ping times in a game although good for representing how well the game performs are actually measuring much more than just the network connection. People have made video option settings and corrected issues so it is affected by a lot of things.

    You are best off using a continuous ping command from cmd prompt. Since no other machine are affected you are best off pinging the gateway which is your router since the problem must be either your machine or the connection to the router. If you do not see a issue then you need to look for a game setting.

    If you do see a issue then we are still at the mystery wireless problems that are common. I would first verify that the wireless drivers are current. After that it is pretty much try to guess what could cause interference. You don't have a lot of options changing the wireless channel on the router is the common fix. Maybe a USB extension cable on the device so you can place it someplace else in the room. Almost no clear answer though.
  3. Ok thank you, yes I believed it not to be the router due to no other device having this issue however I will check the ping times to the gateway and see what comes of that.
  4. Ok I just pinged the gateway for my router and as you can see here every 10-15 pings it rockets up normally only by a few ms but occasionally will go into double figures. I checked all the drivers and they appear to be up to date. The distance shouldn't be a problem for the USB as the router is only 6m away and 1 wall. Don't know what else I can try. My router is permitting USB devices to access it. Maybe it's a setting on my computer? I'm stuck!
  5. If it were a network issue it would show multiple large latency in a row. Even 500ms every now and then would not be noticed in a game and cause lag. Most times when a game complains you will actually see quite a bit of packet loss not just delays. If you were seeing burst of 10-20 seconds of 100+ ms then I would say you had a wireless issue.

    In this case it appears your wireless connection is fine.

    In a way this is good because it means it is something likely within the game itself which has many more option. I do not play that game so I can't say but other who have posted similar issues on this forum have corrected so called network problems by changing one many video option. You may be best off searching for forums for the game and see if there are any suggestions.
  6. Could it be the USB adapter. If I got a PCI Wifi card would that help? I mean I'm not far away from the router at all only about 6m and one wall.
  7. The ping says you have no networks issues. This means your router and your wireless card are working properly. This is the confusion game companies cause. What they are running it not really ping it is does a similar function but it runs from the game program to the game server and includes software on both ends.

    Since the ping command you run from the command prompt does not show errors it means the game is detecting a issue and just blaming it on the network.
  8. Im not sure it is the game though because it lags even when it isn't on. I'm completely stuck
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