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I have a very strange problem with the keyboard on my laptop. All of the sudden, my shift keys have gotten very particular about which letters they will capitalize. My left shift will not recognize any character on the bottom row except the two middle ones(B,N), and the right shift will not work for any character on the top row except for the two middle ones (T,Y). Both shift keys work for the number row and the middle row of characters. When I use the "wrong" shift, no character is printed on the screen (as if I hadn't hit a button). This issue only applies to the letters (not symbols) and has become very frustrating.

The laptop is a fairly new HP in good condition with very little wear and tear running Windows 7. I would usually think that there is something that got in the keyboard obstructing the keys, but all the keys work normally when the "proper" shift key is held down. That makes me think this is some sort of configuration problem.

I looked in my keyboard settings but I didn't see anything that could be causing this. I also tried to update the driver, but windows says its up to date.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. sounds like a faulty keyboard to me
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