Will Corsair CX-Series PSU work in HP 500-164 PC?

I am thinking about upgrading my graphics card and I want to put in a new power supply first. I am wondering if the Corsair CX Bronze 500 or 600 watt psu would work in HP 500-164 pc with mini-atx case?
I have a MSI 2AEO motherboard. I'm not sure what graphics card I'm going to get but want to put in a power supply that will handle pretty much most cards.
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  1. The cx series is a great value, though not the highest quality psu out there. The cx 500 watt will handle up to a 770 perfectly fine (my friend's system is running a 680 with a cx 430 and a mild overclock) You will hear debate about them being low quality, but in reality and in review, they hold up very well and are always regarded as a great value
  2. The dimensions on my current power supply and the Corsairs are exactly the same. I was reading about one guy that said his power supply was a little big. Aren't most of them pretty much the same size? I have a Micro-Atx case and a 24 pin plug.
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    they are the standard atx size, and should still fit just fine in a micro atx case. if you are really worried, measure your current psu then compare to listed dimensions of the psu you are looking at
  4. Yes the dimensions are 150mm x 140mm x 86mm, the same as the Corsair CX series.
  5. Thanks for the help, it's greatly appreciated!
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