Mini-ITX PCI Express X16 to X4 Adapter

Hello To all,

I have a problem that I hope someone can help me with. I have been looking to build a media centre (center) to use in the living room. I already have a lot of spares I can use (processor, RAM, BlueRay & PSU) my main problem is the motherboard case I want to use. I have a Zalman 501, but this is far too big and bulky (ATX desktop) although I have all the parts needed to build the thing.

My dilemma is I would like to go with a mini ITX setup example case (Cooler Master Elite 130) I have a energy efficient AMD processor and a full size coolermaster 600w green PSU. Every ITX motherboard I look at seems to have the full size pcie x16 slot when I need this for my DVB-S2 card (PCIE X4) for the satellite and hope to use an onboard HDMI connection to the TV. Also I would like a optical audio output to my Technics receiver (it does not have any HDMI ports, it is old but works well)

Can I buy an adapter to slot into the PCIE-X16 to adapt it to PCIE-X4 ?

Zotac is the only motherboard I have seen with a pcie-x4 card onboard, but does not have the optical audio out.

Any advice would be great.

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    uhh, PCIE-x4 should be the same format as PCIE-x16
  2. So your saying I can just plug my PCIE-X4 card directly into a PCIE-X16 slot and it will work ?
  3. It should work fine Brit.
  4. robo7425 said:
    It should work fine Brit.

    Yep, what they said. It will plug right in.
  5. OK... Thanks for your replies, so I can order any motherboard (ITX) and my card will work... great news!
  6. If it has a x16 slot, yeah.
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