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OK, so at the moment I own a HP Pavilion dv7-3079wm notebook, which is somewhat outdated, so I was wondering if I could replace the cpu and gpu, (the gpu is dedicated). If I can replace them, what is the maximum cpu and gpu I can get before the power supply caps out ?
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  1. For what you would pay, just get a new laptop. Laptop components aren't nearly as swappable.
  2. It is verydifficult to be able to say exactly what you would be able to upgrade to in laptops.
    Laptops are engineered to run optimally with the hardware they have in them, and have little to no room for overclocking, let alone upgrading.
    Upgrading almost any component in a laptop will usually generate more heat, and again, they are made to be able to handle a specific amount of heat based on what the components in them run at.

    This is the primary reason as to why laptops lose their value quicker than their desktops counterparts.
  3. Hi

    On most laptops upgrading amount of RAM
    or hard drive to bigger or faster hard drive or SSD
    is possible and not too expensive unless you want a large SSD

    Very few have the Graphics chip on a add in card.
    Some have CPU which is soldered to motherboard instead of a socket
    These two are upgrades are usually uneconomical

    Mike Barnes
  4. Ok, thank you so much for all the advise. I will be buying a new laptop, but I just built my desktop, so I am running low on cash, however I did find this. Do you believe this is a good deal, or should I spend my money else were ? I am fine with refurbished, as long as it is refurbished by the company.
  5. I would pay anything between, $400-$650, which I know is low, but I have little cash at the moment.
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    Puts you at the top-end of your budget, but gets will get you around medium settings or so for the newer games :) Pretty decent laptop for the budget :)
  7. That look's like the one I am going to get, thank you for all your helpful info :) You all have a nice month
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