Will Hyper TX3 / 212 Evo fit in this Cheap case?

I own a FX 6300 and seem like CPU fan is wayyyy toooo loudy! :s
So i have finally decided to get an upgrade for cooler before i get anything broken :/

One question: can anything else make like that loud sound? PSU or something but i tried to observe it quite long and it seem good tho. But conclusion i came with it is CPU Stock fan only..
is it a normal behaviour.
Yesterday i kept My case open and sound was kinda gone or less but it again begun to come at "IDLE" - no idea bout it.

i have this case :

will Hyper 212 EVO or TX3 will fit in it ?

i just want to make sure, quick answers appreciated.

However observing and comparing sizes i came to conclusion that TX3 might fit but a 212 would not. Just want to be sure though.
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    CPU cooler height allowance for your case is : 155mm. in cooler height

    The 212 EVO is 159mm so it won't fit , but the TX3 is only 139mm. in height so it will fit with no problems.
  2. TX3 will work, the 212 won't.
  3. Yeah my stock cooler with the FX-4170 sounded like a fighter jet :)

    If I remember correctly the fan ran at about 6500 RPM under load.

    Now for the main question. Even Cooler Master doesn't have the required info on the website:

    However, the case is 180mm wide so the 212 Evo could have a hard time fitting in it. The TX3 on the other hand would certainly fit in so I recommend going with that.
  4. yep mine goes about 4500Rpm even on IDLE and near about 5000 on load too.
    Alright guys , thanks alot for that quick reply, i am gonna grab it then :P
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