Copying Files To USB Stick Causes Windows 7 To Freeze

I recently bought a 16gb usb stick to use for transferring files from one computer to another.
It's a Kingston Datatraveler SE9 16gb
It seems to work fine when putting files on it from my desktop computer but whenever I try to
pull files off of it or put some on it with my laptop it causes windows to freeze and I have to
reset the laptop.

I can't seem to figure out if it's the laptop or the usb stick causing this.

I have tried other usb drives and they seem to work fine with the laptop, but like I said the stick works fine on my desktop.

I have tried different suggestions online such as removing all usb items in device manger
to force windows to reinstall and formatted the usb stick as well but nothing seems to be

-Anyone got any ideas on this?
Is it the laptop or usb stick or something else?
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  1. did you format your usb flash like here?
  2. I did format the drive after the issue kept occuring but it still happened afterwards

    The settings I used were

    Unchecked Quick Format
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