Need to change the boot order on a x75a dh32 laptop -- no option to do so in bios!

I need to get rid of windows 8!!! I have 7 ready to load on to this computer, but I can't get it to boot to anything but the hard drive!
It has a boot option like I've never seen before, and I'm lost!--- help please.
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  1. try all the F# buttons, delete, and esc (individually) when the computer is first booting up. F2/F5/F8/del are the most likely ones.

    There is often one key to press to enter the full bios settings and one that will just prompt you for device to boot from. trial and error
  2. I have the same problem. Pc starts i chose to boot from cd. Then the truecrypt bootloader shows i enter the password and it starts from the hard drive. I can not go into bios or change boot order after the truecrypt bootloader. How csn i get rid of that.
  3. secure boot needs to be disabled in the BIOS.
  4. I can not find this option anywhere
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