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So i received a new PC at the start of March 2014, and it ran pretty well for a week. I was able to play all the games i desired like APB Reloaded (this game has really weird performance because of its nature) Saints Row the third and most of the source games.

After a week it started performing like crap. Every game would dip to very low frames per second. For example in Team Fortress 2, It would dip to 10 to 15 frames per second from 60 whenever i would basically do anything that had lots of things going on at once. Though in some of the other games it's performance was just bad from just standing around.

I've tried installing the new drivers for the video card, but I've run into multiple problems. The nvidia experience does not work for downloading drivers (it just says Cannot connect every time) I somehow managed to install the most recent drivers at the time around mid march. But instead of helping it made most of my other games go into that blackscreen problem that i had before i installed the newer drivers, so i uninstalled that and i tried again 3 weeks later, and now I'm told it's not the right card despite working previously and being listed on the "supported cards" list.

I have gone to card's manufacturer as well (Msi), but the same issue still persists. "Not the right card" I forget the exact issue but I'm going to try again today when i get home. I was quite disappointed because i thought this pc was pretty good. Any help is appreciated. Thanks and sorry for the wall of text.

Update: Thank you for your time. But my friend has helped me resolve the issue as soon as i got home.
It was discovered the cpu core speeds were at 800 MHz, disabling Intel EIST returned the clock speeds to normal
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    What is your CPU load temp? same with the GPU?

    That motherboard is known for having issues with 7xx cards. You need to update the BIOS to the newest version. This usually solves the issue.
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