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I'm looking for a new 24" 1080p Monitor but have bee stuck on which to choose out of:

BenQ RL2455HM -

Asus VE247H 23.6" -
BenQ GL2460HM -

Is the RL2355HM worth the extra few £ of would it be best going for one of the other two?

Also if anyone has a different monitor which they think would be better then feel free to throw it in.


Edit: Just want to point out these might not be their cheapest prices just looking for the right one before shopping around
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  1. go with the BenQ RL2455HM because of the super fast response time :) and also 24inch is good.
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    I'd go with the BenQ RL2455HM, I have it and it's a lot better than the ASUS ones I've used in the past.
  3. I bought two of the well reviewed Asus Monitors in the passed few years and I got to say I was not thrilled with the sharpness of the screen. The image had a real flat look to it. Definitely didn't have any pop to it. After trying several online calibration settings, I was still not pleased with the quality of the image.
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