Buying an external Nvidia Graphics Card Upgrading from Intel HD 4000


I was planning on getting a nvidia graphics card but I aren't really god at this so I wonder what requirements my pc passes and what cards anyone could recommend.

I want something that specifies as a high end video card but not all that expensive and at least 2gb memory. If it supported SLI or Crossfire it would be a plus.

I am trying to keep this on a budget and preferably less that 300 dollars and about 230 would be good.

My system looks like this:

Windows 7 ultimate
Intel(R) Core i5-3570K @ 3.40GHz
Ram 16GB
64 bit
Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 (I know it sucks that's why I need something more). :pt1cable:
Fractal Design Tesla R2 500W
I have one extra 6 pin power connector.
Also a Fulltower Chassi and 3 extra coolers

So what do you think?
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    GTX 760.
  2. sorry but is it really compatible with the motherboard?

    and 500w isnt that too much a minimum requirement?
  3. It will work fine with the board, and the card only draws ~250 in reality. (You can use adapters to get the extra cables needed, if not the 750Ti would require less power)
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