Need help getting a new CPU cooler

I have an AMD FX-6300 and I get around 40°-50°C when surfing the internet. I'm not sure if this is good since i'm still learning about computers, but I just want to be on the safe side and get a better CPU cooler. Right now I'm using the stock cooler that came along with the CPU.
I have an NZXT Source 210 Elite and an Asrock 960gm/u3s3 fx mobo. Looking for something around $30-$40 by tomorrow. Thanks!
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    Hyper 212 EVO is amazing for the price. Hope this helps!
  2. A cooler master hyper tx3 is more than capable of overclocking an fx6300 to 4ghz+ while staying cool and quiet. They often go on sale for only 15 bucks after rebate.
  3. Tx3 with arctic silver paste will work wonders I have it and love it plus you might be able to over clock
  4. If you aren't interested in overclocking i'd get the Arctic Freezer Pro 7. Only $20 and runs silently. You might be able to do some small overclocks with it. My FX-4170 ran in the 50's with the stock cooler, it runs in the 20's with this new one.
  5. The tx3 is a little bit better than the freezer pro 7 I compared the two when I was picking heat sinks
  6. I compared a lot actually for under 20 bucks xD
  7. Evo won't fit that case. I had a nzxt source variant and I learned it the hard way $$$ that 160mm tall heatsinks won't fit it. TX3 is a solid choice, easy install but will face towards the top of the case instead of front to back. You can get the hyper t4 as 152mm is the sweet spot for that case.
  8. Xexoxix said:
    Hyper 212 EVO is amazing for the price. Hope this helps!

    Thanks! I ordered it last night and should arrive tomorrow. I checked on NZXT's website to see if it would fit in my case and it will.
  9. I hope it works out for you. I read through various posts and the NZXT site when I was building in my old Tempest 210 case which is very similar. Good luck.
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