Installed a new geforce gt 610 graphics card and now my computer wont start up.

I just installed a new geforce gt 610 graphics card and when i turn on my computer it starts up but it only shows the hp logo and nothing happens after that the computer is just stuck at the hp logo with a hand next to it. The computer doesn't do anything besides that. Idk what to do. can it be that my power supply is to low for the graphics card because i have a 250w power supply and the video card is 300w.
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  1. a gt610 is not 300w...

    Please list your system specs. Looking at your PSU I'm guessing its an HP so How about the make and model number?
  2. well on the box it says the minumum requirements for the card is 300w
  3. might be a driver problem. Unplug the gpu and start the computer without the gpu. Go to nvidia's website and download the latest drivers and install it. Then plug in the Gpu and see what happens.
  4. Your Motherboard Not Supports The Card.
    You Have To Change The Motherboard And That's For Sure.
    So Change Your Motherboard.
    Please Tell Me What Motherboard Do You Have And The Year You Bought It.
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