Need help with a server/workstation mobo for home computer

Intel BBS2600WP S2600WP LGA 2011 Socket R HNS2600WP G38670-204

Need help with this server mobo for home how would I power this mobo up. I can see the 2x 6pins for the cpus but how would I power up the mobo I don't see a 20+4Pin so would I need a server type PS or could I do it with a atx power supply and what would I need ? Do you have to have the redundant power supply type and how would that hook up ?
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    That sounds to me a lot like you would need a WTX power supply. It can be hard to determine the right type of power supply for you just because a lot of servers have different form factors and power supplies for servers are not always the same. I normally use this website for reference when ever I have a server power supply related question
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