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I have a retired server that I use for video encoding. It has dual quad core Xeons, 16 gigs of ram, and an Radeon R7 250. It's not spectacular, but mainly the hard drive is what's slowing it down. I want to set up RAID 0 with 2 10k hard drives, but the raid controller is connected via PCI-X. Would it be a waste to replace the hard drives with faster ones with this type of RAID controller?
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  1. to know for sure we wold need to know which version of pci-x you have and which controller you have. While pci-x bandwidth can reach over 4GB/s depending one which version and speed you have theres no saying if your raid controller can do more than 100MB/s which would make it pointless. see what i mean?
  2. It's a Proliant DL140 G3. It has an LSI 1068 controller. Also, looking at the specs, I see it has an integrated SATA RAID controller. Would it be better to use that?
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    LSI 1068 controller is 133MHz PCI-X - Yours is fast, just make sure you're using SATAII drives and turn on NCQ, if required
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