Laptop makes incredibly loud noise upon unplugging audio jack

My laptop is making a really loud noise whenever I unplug the headphone jack. It's a constant, loud tone, and if I leave the headphone jack unplugged for more than a few seconds, it sounds like something is frying inside my laptop. The sound comes from inside the laptop, not the speakers.

Recently the headphone jack stopped working, and sound would not play through my laptop speakers or via my external speakers. Now, it makes this loud noise whenever I unplug the audio jack.

This only happens on Windows, though - not on Linux! Linux works perfectly fine with the audio jack and it doesn't make any noise at all if I unplug it. (I installed Linux Mint a couple of months ago)

Can someone please help me?
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    if everything works in linux then my guess would be your audio drivers.

  2. Thank you :) I uninstalled the drivers, and then when I restarted some windows updates were installed, and strangely enough my sound works fine now without even needing to reinstall anything. :)
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