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I have a 1 TB WD external hard drive for my photos. I probably have at least 500 Gb or less of files there but today when I try to access it, there was nothing. It's always connected to my PC and no one else uses it but me. I've been accessing it for months and I had no problems with it and the last time I accessed it was less than a month ago. What could have happened and how can I recover those files?
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  1. Possibly, it has been infected by a malware or its a sign of hardware failure. Please check the drive properties in My Computer and find out the used space/the free space it shows.
  2. How long have you kept it with you? Maybe it worn out. Or have you ever formatted the external hard drive by accident? If not, I guess your drive broken or corrupted. If these files are very importannt to you and you also want to get back it, then you can try 4Card Recovery software.
    step one, download 4card recovery software and install it on your computer
    Step two, run it and select the files that you want to recover
    Step three, scan your files and wait for about 10 minutes
    Step four, put your recovered files on other part
    Just have a try.
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    Thanks trekzone for the feedback but my files are back now. I just unplugged my external hard drive and disconnected the cable from my pc and let it sit there for a while. Then I plug it back and connected it again and there it is, all family photos and the memories are preserved.
    I still wonder though how it happened. Can you back up an external hard drive?
  4. Of course you can, if you are able to obtain multiple external drives then may able also to have multiple back ups.
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