How to overcome AUTO only entry on ASUSP8Z77Vpro BIOS for RAM voltage setting

I have an ASUS P8Z77Vpro (BIOS v1616 as supplied) Want to fit GSKILL TRIDENTX 2400 16GB ram (Max volts 1.650) My BIOS shows ram V of 1.668 to 1.7v I SHOULD be able to click on Ram voltage in BIOS, which is set to AUTO, so I can change RAM voltage down by pressing - (minus) key, but it WONT change from AUTO no matter what I do.
My Mbrd install book says I can damage my i73770K CPU at over 1.65 v so I cant install the Gskill ( to replace Kingston KVR16N1K2/16 already installed) until the RAM volts are safe
What am I doing wrong?
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  1. Ive answered my own question (I think) My dog provided the clue. While I had the Bios screen up she jumped on my lap , stumbled and her rubber bulb nose hit the keyboard...and input appeared , overwriting the Auto display with an asterisk in front.
    So it appears you just enter keyboard data for the Ram volts ,overwriting the "Auto" entry then hit the Enter key to secure the entry and that's it.
    My greyhound is now this places resident IT check on that I asked her what she thought of
    Microsoft Wim 8...She answered "RRRuffff!"
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