Guys I need help In building a cpu for gaming.

My budget is 30k max.
My friend suggested
*Amd fx6300
*Gigabyte 78lmt usb3
*sapphire R7 250 1gb GDDR5
*corsair vengeance 8gb ram
Also please recommend a good psu and please tell me if I am missing on any component.
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  1. How much money would you like to spend
  2. As I stated above Rs. 30,000
  3. Mashreq1996 said:
    As I stated above Rs. 30,000

    oops sorry
  4. Best answer
  5. And what about the mobo is the ga 78lmt usb3 good, I've heard it doesn't support 64bit os is it true?
  6. the manufactureer site says the mobo supports 32 gb of ram so has to be 64 bit capable
  7. But in flipkart
    It's written under limitations that it doesn't support 64bit.
  8. what that is telling you is that if you use a 32 bit os you can only use 4 gbs your good to go bud
  9. Oh thanks a lot I didn't understand that.
  10. its no problem enjoy your new computer
  11. Thanks for your help buddy.
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