help picking a new Memory ram ddr3

Hi I just bought this mobo GA-970A-DS3P

(I'm doing some upgrading to my pc :D)
But I forgot that my PC right now has ddr2 and obviously this mobo is ddr3.
So I got a few questions ..
I want to buy a ddr3 8gb corsair, but I see so many prices and little to no difference.
Can anyone explain me the difference please.

Or anything that u guys will recommend , the cheaper the better lol(but not in quality :D)
So can anyone help me out with some knowledge plz

PD: I gotta buy the memory ram in a local frys, but they do price match with online retailers like newegg and amazon, the only thing is that the model # has to be the same.

Thank you so much for your time!
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  1. Well all three are 1600MHz speed, the first two are dual channel while the third in single channel DRAM. The only difference I can see is the heat spreader between the first two, but the CL timings may be different as well.
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    The 2x4GB sets are basically simply packaged w/ different heatsinks, the one set is lower profil for more common use if you have a large CPU cooler, the 2x4GB sets can run dual channel which can provide up to a 10% or so increase in performance over a single channel (1 stick here) selection, which is nice, especially with AMD rigs as they have a relatively weaker MC (memory controller) than Intel CPUs have
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