r-7 250 vs hd4850

Currently have a hd4850 with 512mb, that the fan went out of, i can get fans for cheap but i figured since the card came out in 2008 that even the new budget cards would be better.
I bought a r7 250 thinking it would dominate, but after looking at specs i'm thinking a 10 dollar fan would work unless i wanted to spend more than 100 dollars. i'm rebuilding the computer in a new case for my father, i would like him to have a computer that will last him years, hes had his last one for almost 10 years i think.
The specs after i finish will be
Motherboard: MSI x58 platinum with 6gb
CPU: i7 920
Mem: 6gb of CORSAIR ddr3 1333
Hard Drive: 256gb ssd plus 1tb hd
I will be running windows 7 any advice on wither i should send that card back and order a better one or stick with the hd4850 and order a new fan. He doesn't do a lot of gaming and the ones he does play are 10 years old or older. Thanks for the help.
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    R7 250 is actually less powerful than 4850 so better get new fans for your 4850.
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