SSD Advantages for Windows 8 64-Bit on i7 Quad

I'm using all of 55G of a 1T hard disk on my windows8 i7-quad laptop, and was considering an SSD. I do not game or process video.

If I were to pursue an SSD option, what might I expect in return?

Is there benefit for my machine/laptop?

Thanks a million!

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  1. All computers & laptops currently running the OS from an HDD (regardless of other system specs) will benefit by switching to an SSD. Windows will boot up in a fraction of the time (that's main reason for putting the OS on an SSD), and any applications installed on an SSD will startup much faster too.
  2. I second that. I even installed an SSD on a first gen Ion netbook (Atom N270, slow as hell). The difference is huge, incredible reactivity gains.

    On my 2700K i7 with a first gen Samsung SSD (2008 or 2009 I think, it's slow compared to today's SSDs), 90% of my programs are fully usable within 1 second of clicking them.
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    your laptop will boot up in 17 seconds instead of 30.
    A/v scans will be done in less than half the time.
    programs will load much faster too.
    Processing ability will be the same as will your network speed.
    If you have 4gb or less of ram then your system may feel more responsive when used heavily since access to the swap file (now on the ssd) will be much faster.
    Installing updates will be faster,
    Shutting down will be much faster.
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