GTX 650 2gb (gigabyte) that wont work properly. (code 43).

I just got a new GTX 650 2gb from gigabyte and Im having troubles installing drivers.
I've tried installing new drivers from nvidia, clean everything with drivers sweeper, like 5 times, and it still wont work.
The card is brand new so I dont think its broken.
specs ;

Amd phenom 2 x4
500w psu
8gb ram
MSI 870 C45 motherboard

I had a GTX 460 that gave me bluescreen (nvlddmkm.sys error), and I thought that the card might be broken, so I ordered a new one.
I tried my brothers GTX 650 2GB by evga yesterday, and it worked for about 5mins then it gave me "white screen", and then I couldnt get into windows again.
I dont wanna reinstall windows though my internet isnt that fast (16mbit down), and It would take weeks to download everything again.

Should I buy a new PSU? I've had it for almost 3 years now.
Or should I ask for a new GTX 650, since it might be broken?
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