Fps is good, but it will suddenly drop or lag in less than 1 sec.

Asus Motherboard Z87-A
I7-4770 3.4ghz (without overlocking)
8GB ram
128gb ssd Samsung 840 evo
1tb seagate sshd
160mb seagate hdd (very old)
Leadtek 760 GTX dual-fan OC version
Network Card (for wi-fi)
Silent Pro M2 620W (Power supply)

I am able to play Battlefield 4 with all highest setting (no AA), and many games else. Fps is constantly on 60 without dropping or lagging.

But when i try to play dota 2 and CS:GO, it will lag for less than 1 sec, and i will miss out 1 sec scene. What should I do?

Here are the temperatures of my cpu (only turn on skype and chrome browser)
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  1. I think those are online games right if those are than it is normal since every online game is not properly optimized, and as far is CS is concerned it may be from the server end.
  2. Maybe that's the problem of playing games online , but did the temperature i gave would help? Is it overheating?
  3. No those are temperatures are fine it is definitely online games.
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    To check if it is online games doing it or not try playing any other game like bf4 and other heavy games if they run fine in single player than the online games is the problem. In another thread here a guy was getting artifacts in WoW, he thinks it is his graphic card but it is really poorly optimized game.
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