Which CPU? Intel vs amd vs intel xeon and so on

I am currently looking at 4 cpus.

I5 4670k(maybe 4690k when it comes)
I5 4770k(maybe 4790k when it comes)
Xeon e3-1230v3

I will be doing very very light video editing, so that doesnt matter that much. In a couple of years, i might throw 2 graphics cards in. I am mostly doing gaming. I want no frame drops because of cpu.
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  1. As always, this mostly depends on your budget. I am not a fan of overclocking so the i5 4570 and e3 1230v3 are my two favorite cpus on the market. They are strong enough for anything you can throw at them. I can no longer recommend any FX because they are too outdated and cannot compete with Haswell i5s or i7s.
  2. Well, i5 vs the xeon then?
    I have seen up to 20 fps increase by using hyperthreading. I can get the xeon for same price at the i5 btw. And a cheaper motherboard making the xeon cheaper.
  3. If you can afford the Xeon, then it sounds like an easy decision :)
  4. Xeon wont be bad in any way compared to i5 in gaming? or sli?
    And a compatible motherboard.
    Preferably not from asrock, i just dont like the brand. dont know why.
    It needs to be black/red
  5. No there are no drawbacks. It would be just like getting a 4770.
  6. 4770 underclocked i guess :)
  7. Best answer
    Ha you'll never notice in real world usage
  8. Thanks for help.
    But a motherboard, not from asrock, preferebly black/red?
  9. Underclocked only by 100Mhz at stock and 200Mhz at Turbo and without Processor Graphics. As for the clock speeds there is no way that you will feel the difference of 100-200Mhz, only benchmarks can detect it.
  10. Thats great, but again, not sure about what motherboard. could you recommend a red/black or black one?
  11. Dude any B85 or H87 motherboard that fits your criteria would be good. I tried looking around but couldn't find any red and blacks ones. I'm sure one exists, but I've never even almost cared what my motherboards look like. You can't even see it very good after everything is installed even with a window and LEDs.
  12. Well thx again :) Does b85/h87 have crossfire? I know z87 is the only sli boards, but i think i will go amd on graphics.
  13. Yes I think all of the H87 chipsets support crossfire and a lot of the B85 chipsets support crossfire. You can use partpicker to sort it out for you.
  14. Thanks :)
    I can't use pcpartpicker where i live though. Havent seen a danish one yet.

    There is those motherboards that is crossfire capable.

    Danish site to search for hardware;

    Go Danmark!
  16. i prefer because it has better searching. i can customize what kind of motherboard i want, but it is not showing all the xeon compatible motherboards unfortunately. :) Thanks

    Does the asrock h87 fatal1ty performance support high end crossfire? something like r9 290 crossfire?
    Does pci express 2.0 bottleneck my graphics card?
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