Updating MSI Z87 G45 motherboard drivers

Searching around it looks like Live Update 5 is a bad choice when updating BIOS but what about drivers? I updated my BIOS using my usb through the bios flash tool but whenever i try the same method with drivers Live Update 5 tells me nothing is updated.

Should i just use Live Update 5 for the drivers? Is there a way to check if the drivers are really updated but Live Update 5 just cant see it?
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    Live Update is for driver updates only as it can't determine BIOS versions, nor can it update it since it's a Windows-based utility and BIOS update on your board doesn't run in Windows.

    Conversely, BIOS update utility can't update Windows drivers.

    Do not update either unless a particular BIOS or driver update fixes a specific problem you're experiencing.
    Otherwise leave them alone.

    Updating BIOS or driver just because it's out-of-date is not a wise policy.
  2. I see...well everything on my computer worked right when i built it yesterday besides the internet. I used the Live Update 5 for the Killer Network Drivers and it worked perfectly.

    Can i install all the Utilities from Live Update 5 instead of the drivers?
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