W8 or W7 For Gaming Pc?

Hi guys I'm building a new gaming rig for around 2k and was wondering if it was pretty important to go with w8 or if it really didnt matter. I dont mind learning some things new but I dont want to have alot of issues compatability.
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  1. I'm using 8.1 and not had any real problems gaming wise, I find it a tad sharper/faster than w7 but that maybe placebo......
  2. Got a bump in fps in BF3 and BF4 and microstutterting was gone when i switched to Win 8.1. As for compatibility, almost 90% of the software is Win 8.1 ready.
  3. In terms of games, the main games I know of that have issues are fallout 3 and, at least for me, I had trouble starting Battlefront 2. Although, at the same time, these games didnt necessarily run perfectly in 7 either, so that might be more of a game/disc issue than an OS issue
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    Windows 8.1 Pros:
    Faster than Win7 (Overall)
    Their Constantly upgrading it
    Slightly Better sound quality
    Easier to use (in my opinion)
    Better FPS on newer Games.
    Windows 8.1 Cons:
    Trouble with handling some Older Games/Software
    No more cons :D
    Windows 7 Pros:
    Can handle older games.
    Familiar for most People.
    Slightly cheaper (If it matters)
    Windows 7 Cons:
    Less Updates than Windows 8.1
    slower than Windows 8.1
    Worse FPS on New games than Windows 8.1
    My Opinion:
    I personally should go with Win8.1 at this point and I have it myself with no problems!
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