AMD A10-7850K critical temp too low

Hi! First of all, it's my first time to ask anything here, I hope I get something. :)

Anyway, I just built my first rig the other day and it just sucks that it keeps on shutting off everytime I play games.
What happens is that my computer suddenly powers off, but leaves the cpu cooler LED and keyboard illumination on. At first I thought that my PSU was not enough, I'm using a Corsair VS450 psu, and it may seem too low, but all psu calculators tell me that I just need around 350W for my system. I tried using all temp reading apps to no avail. I managed to, however, stumble upon HWmonitor which shows the same temps as Easytune 6. CoreTemp shows temps below 12 C all the time! In HWmonitor and ET6, my temps at 24 on idle, 36-39 on Prime95. However, I noticed that it shuts off at 40 C every time! That's way too low. AMD OD shows that I still have ~45 C margin. Btw, my BIOS temps show 50C even before booting windows.

Again, it shuts off when it reaches 40 C on HW Monitor and ET6

To turn it on again, I have to switch off my PSU and wait for the keyboard and LED to turn off before turning on again.

All settings on stock.

I've tried reinstalling my Antec Kuhler 920, still nothing. Tried the stock HSF, even worse.

Is there something wrong with the CPU? MB? PSU?

APU: AMD A10-7850K
GPU: None, just the iGPU
MB: Gigabyte G1 Sniper A88X
RAM: 2x Ripjaws 2GB 1866
CPU cooler: Antec Kuhler 920
HDD/SSD: 1 750GB WD HDD, 1 60GB Kingston SSD
PSU: Corsair VS450
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    take your antek power plug............... remove from cpu fan header to a standard motherboard fan header./ the pump will move more water that way. ( runs at faster and more constant rate )
  2. ^
    Just tried it. The fan speed won't reach the 2000RPM mark anymore, but the pump does clock in at 2000+ RPM. I haven't tried gaming on it yet. My other question is why does it shut off when it reaches 40 C on HWMonitor and ET6? Should I just RMA either the board or CPU which I just got the other day?
    Will try to play a game, say NBA2K14, and see if it still persists.

    I forgot to add, I wasn't able to buy/use Arctic Silver, I do, however, tried both Deepcool and Thermaltake ones.

    Btw, Thank you for giving such a quick reply. :)

    UPDATE: Just tried NBA. Nope, still shutting off.
  3. in the BIOS.......... what is the thermal shutdown temp set at?

    also, are you running at 720p and at medium settings?
  4. I think I figured it out (I hope). The PSU fan was not working because it was caught in the psu casing. I haven't tried a different PSU since I do not have any. I had it fixed and will get it tomorrow. Can the PSU really be the culprit? Will it shut off my PC when it overheats due to load? Because whenever it shuts down, my Antec Kuhler and KB LEDs are still on, but you won't be able to reboot unless you turn the PSU off until the LEDs die out and then you can turn it on again and boot the PC.
  5. you'll find out soon............. excessive heat will kill many components inside the case.
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