want to upgrade asus G74SX ROG laptop for triple moniter gaming (use as desktop) is it possible?

I currently have a bone stock ASUS G74SX ROG laptop which i bought in late 2011. I have forever used it as a desktop, running it off of a 32" led tv. Other than multimedia and guitar recording, I use the computer for Diablo III: RoS and it runs everything just fine.

I am looking to cange over to a three monitor set-up, and am wondering if it would be worth it to purchase an HDMI hub and simply upgrade my components in the laptop, or do i need to build a tower? What kind of graphics card would you reccommend? also any other recc. upgrades if i were to keep this set-up?

I would sell the damn thing and put the money towards a new set up, but it is a little out dated and the actual laptop screen has a light red pixilated bar running through it due to a dated BiOS Flash issue ive never been able to solve. Also i dont know of any truly reputable companies to sell it to!

Any information would help, let me hear what youve got for input. I welcome constructive criticism :D
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    As for one thing that is a good laptop with a fine graphic card but in terms of modern gaming that graphic card will play the games but at low to med settings. And as for HDMI hub or splitters only divide a single screen to two screen with the same contents and will not give an independent screens, so in terms of that you have to upgrade although there are some hubs that can provide display through usb port but i am not confirm if they also split the screen or give independent screens. If you are going towards the new setup i suggest a tower cause laptop are expensive like the components which you get for total of 600 to 700$ laptop will give you those components for like 1000$ but it has it's advantages like portable, battery and other things.
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