completely uninstall AMD/ATI card drivers

I am having a rather bad problem with (apparently) the AMD drivers for my 5770s(2 in xfire). I uninstalled them via catalyst uninstall manager and rebooted into safe mode to run driver sweeper, but my screen went blank, apparently with no output to hdmi.
I was finally able to run driver sweeper, but the screen went blank during driver reinstall. I have tried several times without luck
I have:
gone to one card, as well as switched to each of the cards trying them one at a time.
Tried a different hdmi cable.
I have an nvidia card that I can run, and someone recommended using it to completely remove all ati components and then try again. I'm just not sure what to use to do so. Driver Sweeper? That is all I am aware of. Is there better/different software? How do I go about this properly?
I really need to get my dual 5770s running again. My computer has been sitting dead for a week.
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