PCI slot voltage for ASUS Z87-K sound card issue

Looking for best audio choice for my Windows 8.1 pro ASUS Z87-K.
I have a Turtle Beach Montego PCI sound card. When I install it Windows keeps asking me to insert the device.
I read on the Turtle Beach web site that the card is 5.0 Volt not 3.3.
Does anyone know what the voltage on the new PCI slots are?
Is there an option in BIOS to adjust the voltage?
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    You cannot adjust the voltage of the slots, they are a standard spec. All PCI have been 5v for a long time.

    You should check the device manage and see if there is either a unknown device or a HD audio device.

    From what I can find, I don't see a lot of support from Turtle Beach beyond Windows 7 for very specific cards so you might be trying to get drivers for a lost cause.
  2. The PCI slots are 5v only; they don't have a 3.3v key. If the motherboard had 3.3v PCI slots, you could not insert a 5v card.
  3. Pulled the Turtle Beach PCI sound card again, enabled Realtec on-board audio in BIOS again, now sound is working with Windows 8.1 drivers. Already ordered PCIe Sound Blaster Audigy 5.1. I always forget that Windows needs to be restarted like 30 times for everything to work correctly. Thanks for the help.
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