Microphone or headset? Help please

So, I really want a new mic or a headset and I have come down to the two best options for me: the Blue Spark Digital microphone and the Sennheiser PC360 headset. Now I just need help deciding between which one to get (if I get the PC360 I will also be getting the PCV 05 adapter with it for reasons which I will not state). Just to note: I currently have the sennheiser HD429 headphones. The headset and mic I wouldn't bring around, but If I get the headset I would bring my 429s around with me, while if I got the mic I would almost all the time leave my headphones at home. The microphone I can get for $180.15 while the headset with the adapter I can get for $181.55 (buying from amazon for both options). So I need your opinions because I seriously cannot decide. Also, my sound card on my computer has an output impedance of "<24 ohms", and the PC360s run at about 50 ohms, I believe, and I will not be buying a new sound card, sooooooo... Keep that in mind. Also note: I plan on using these for gaming and recording vocal audio of me gaming, and I will rarely use them for music.

I made a spreedsheet comparing the advantages and disadvantages between the PC360s and the Blue Spark Digital:

Thought it might help/modify people's opinions.

And I am not taking suggestions for other mics or headsets, I have found the two best options for me and I have spent many hours doing research, so stick to the topic of the blue spark digital and the sennheiser PC360s. THANKS!!!
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  1. Best answer
    Go for the Mic definitely!
  2. Norwegian said:
    Go for the Mic definitely!

    Could you please explain your reasoning?
  3. Meetite said:
    Norwegian said:
    Go for the Mic definitely!

    Could you please explain your reasoning?

    I have send you a private message?
  4. I am done with this thread, I have just been informed that the PC360s were discontinued, so the mic will be my choice. However, if the G4ME one or G4ME zero go on sale in august or around august for enough money off, I will reopen this thread for the mic versus those headsets.
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