Pc crashing, rebooting randomly


I'm having problems with my pc crashing, rebooting at random times.
This can happen when the pc only running for 5 min or even after 10 hours (or even a cold boot), it will ; crash with a blue screen, still image of what I was doing, black screen, or some kind of random colors scrambled together.

Afterwards it will just stay like that or reboot. Sometimes it successfully reboots, but not always.
Sometimes when he tries to reboot I can hear the fans starting to spin for 2 sec's stopping, and starting again and this continous non stop (sometimes the continuous beep starts).
Or I can hear the fans starting to spin and then I hear a continuous beep that never stops.

I've googled this beep, found some site's saying it could be a problem with the GPU, I replaced the GPU with my older GPU and the problem still exists

I've ran Memtest86+ the first time it told me there were 10240 errors, but the second time that I ran it even after 10 passes it showed no errors at all.
I've done 2 clean windows 7 install's and now i'm running windows 8.
Everything is stock, nothing is overclocked. The temps of both my gpu and cpu are fine.
I did a HDD check, and it seemed healthy.
The weird thing is sometimes my pc works just fine for a couple of weeks, and suddenly the problems start again.
So my question is, is my RAM faulty or something else ?


My specifications:
Phenom x4 955 BE + aftermarket cooler
Gigabyte GA-770TA-UD3
HD5770 Powercolor (HD3850 for testing right now)
4GB DDR3 1333 from Team elite (2x2GB)
Bequiet 600W PSU
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  1. No one ? Even if I would know what parts to replace first so I can find the problem would be extremely help full.
  2. It seems like the ram is the problem, though can't say for sure.
    How long has this been happening?
    Have you changed any bios settings that might have caused this?
  3. I did not change anything in the bios.
    This problem started over a year ago, sometimes months running just fine, sometimes having problems for a few weeks.
    For example today my pc crashed while booting, and then rebooted it self just fine, and has been running for over 4 hours now.
  4. try clearing CMOS -you do that by removing the motherboard battery(while pc is off) for about 5 minutes-or by shorting the clear cmos jumper, some mobos have that, check its manual.
  5. Cleared the CMOS by removing the battery, pc worked fine for the first 2 boots, third time I booted my pc it crashed again during the boot.
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