How to change the ip address of the XP-810?

Everytime I turn on my Epson Xp-810 it says the ip address is in use. Even if I try to reset the WIFI set up it picks the same ip address. I have DHCP set up on my router yet the Epson still tries to use an ip address that is in use. How to I change the IP address on the printer or get it to a DHCP assigned address?
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    Go to the DHCP settings on your router's webpage and find address reservation. Create a new entry for it and assign an unused IP adress to it. You will probably need the hostname and/or MAC address which can be found in the DHCP clients list also on the router. This will force it to use the assigned address instead of the automatic one. You may need to restart your router for the changes to take affect.
  2. Should also restart printer when you restart router

    Most printers allow you to manually set the IP address in the network configuration pages. If you can, set it to something outside of the dhcp server range (will have to access your router webpage gui in order to see the dhcp server range).
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