R9 280x Artifacts still a Problem?

Was going to buy an Asus R9 280x but then I found a whole lot of stuff on the net about these cards producing artifacts on many games, Asus seem to be particularly well represented in these cases. Is this still an issue with r9 280x's or has this problem now been resolved?
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  1. Its probably ok, there will always be problems with some graphics cards. Just look for the card that have good reviews on them.
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    Get one that hasn't been factory overclocked. That should work just fine.
  3. Don't get the Asus one as their seems to be issues with their cooling on some of the factory overclocked vrams.
  4. I went with the new Sapphire 280x tri-x vapor. Factor clocked , i think the voltage is capped at 1.2. The Hynix memory is said to be the best and all's well. Kids are loving it on the few games they play.
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