Transfering files from desktop hard drive to new laptop's hard drive and preparing for new hardware?

Alright, so. I've been looking around all day, and have found no reasonable answers. I need help copying data (including program files) over to my new laptop, from my desktop's hard drive. Note that I no longer have the desktop, just the hard drive (and some RAM and the PSU), and would like to know how to transfer the crap over from that drive to my new laptop. I have a SATA/IDE/PATA-to-USB adapter, which I figure should come in handy. Now, also note that the desktop's hard drive is 500GB, and the laptop's drive is 1TB. I'm assuming that Sysprep is out of question, considering I no longer have all of the desktop's components. Don't suggest to use another device as a medium to transfer documents and stuff, or to buy a "docking station". I would like to keep this as 'cheap' as possible. Also, both machines are 64-bit AMD-based. Thank you. :0
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    1. Windows. Do you have a Windows license not tied (OEM) to that original laptop?
    EDIT: not original laptop, but rather original PC

    2. You can't just 'transfer' programs. They will need to be reinstalled.

    3. Your 'files' - music/pics/videos/etc can be easily transferred, but you will need some device to do it. e.g. your current "SATA/IDE/PATA-to-USB adapter"
  2. You will Need to "Migrate Software" using a specialist program which can also copy the Reg keys needed
    Press Windows Key - Type Migrate... The windows version is limited

    Reinstall of the programs is usually the easiest way
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