Default Gateway not available - Wireless Range extender issue or mobo?

So at random times my internet cuts out, and I run diagnostic to repair it, but it still doesn't work. I use my netgear wireless extender as a bridge however, and when I quickly turned it on and off the issue disappeared. Could it be that the wireless extender ethernet port is causing the issue, or would it most likely be my mobo? I also suspect my mobo just because my keyboard randomly will turn off it its usb connector is tilted slightly, but the keyboard itself is around 8 years old.

O and tried to reinstall ethernet driver and just now did a 100 mbs full thing in advanced settings.
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  1. I don't think it is your motherboard, most people have old routers that collect dust, heat up, then it will stop working. Not sure but tell me if you need any more help/answers.
  2. Nah, router is new as hell, and only extender connection goes to shit, as I said using it as a direct bridge via ethernet cable to pc
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    You could try going to your manufactures website and downloading the newest ethernet drivers.

    I know you can ping your internet in cmd by typing "ping"

    You could also make sure that you have the correct settings in your bridge and main router by going into your browser then typing or or depending on your router manufacture.

    Tell me if I am answering your question or if you need more help.
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