Copy and Paste problems

Trying to copy and paste files on my computer has become a real chore. If i try to move a lot in one go then it simply refuses, forcing my to move files one at a time which gets incredibly boring very quickly.

it also has a breakdown if i accidentally try to copy an empty folder then it just does nothing as well

Also on a not unrelated note this problem also occurs if i try to delete anything.

I'm a complete novice when it comes to PCs so if you could take pity on me and use small words that'd be very much appreciated :)

also if I posted this in the wrong place I'm sorry!

opened up a folder and found this in it....

will sitting here crying fix it?
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    First thing would be to boot into safe mode and run both a Virus and a malware scan, next would be go to the command prompt as administrator and run CHKDSK /R - don't do any copying/pasting or other till those are done, may have a virus or malware or a HD going corrupt
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